MuSic MuSiC musIc

 I might be late on these picks but thats because I don’t really care for the music thats out right now. It is big when I find music thats recent that I like. If you know me then you know my selections include James Brown to the New Jack Swing era (90’s) so this is big if I like these albums so here is my suggestion you won’t be dissapointed. I know the Covers aren’t the ones being use I just like the pictures.


I didn’t even have to skipp a song I like “Get Your Money Up” and “Knock You Down” the most ofcourse.


Que looks a mess in this pic. I just don’t care for him. But that dosen’t mean that his bitchass presence makes the album wack its not.  Its a good listen until Puff Daddy sashay shante his ass out there. Sashay Away!


For the one’s who know good music when they hear it. You can ‘t go wrong with Uncle Charlie. “There Goes My Baby” is excellent. I have this in rotation period.

Okay thats my picks for now. Enjoy the Escape!!!

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