We Can’t Feed our Kids???!!!


Why was the news just waiting for Popeyes to run the fuck otta some Damm Chicken. They knew black folk was gonna be up in Arms.

“They should had a stock pile of chicken.”

“They need a tractor trailor fulla chicken on ice.”

“I was try’n to feed my family tonight.”

Looking forward to some damm Popeye’s Chicken. Now I love me some Popeye’s but how bout you go to the grocery store and get you a pack of chicken and make so good ole homemade dinner.

Thats why obesity is rampid in the black community…..SMMFH!

One thought on “We Can’t Feed our Kids???!!!

  1. damn, this is embarrassing…you know we don’t need to be this vocal about some chicken…the messed up comment is the man talking bout “we been waiting for this day for a long time.” like it was emancipation day or something.

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