dr. Chocolate by MEEEEE!!!!!

Dr. Cholocate

i see you across the way smellin that colon lookin so fine like you do. i see you wit your crispy Tims and lroned jeans fittin that tight ass just right. i see you wit the Yankee fitted on chewing the shit otta that toothpick oh shit 

 dr. chocolate is on the move gotta follow that keep up wit it. i see you rubbing on those egyptian cotton sheets, askin myself what he know about that. oh brotha what i would do to you on those. oh shit our eyes have met and my stalking cover is blown he’s comming to me lookin dead in my eyes my mouth is dry and my hands are wet. “whats good ma you got something you wanna say to me”oh the nerve of dr. chocolate

what am i suppose to say here goes nothing “you so fine i just wanted to burn a memory of you into my mind”  there said it. his smile is so wide and beautiful we talked and talked then all of a sudden i see out the corner of my eye of milky white substance gliding our way. please don’t let this happen to me not now.”hey baby who’s your friend.” our eyes met for the last time and the silent discussion said it all he said sorry wit those big brown eyes he just had to have some of what his momma warned him about the long blonde hair the leather skin baked from the sun the obvious set of hard ass butt pads. i accept your apology my brotha you couldn’t control yourself just know that when she sucks the life otta you and calls you a nigger while kicking you in the dick I’ll always be here to pick up the pieces and stick wit it

dr. cholocate…

One thought on “dr. Chocolate by MEEEEE!!!!!

  1. wow…that was tight. to each his own. i think silky hair and petite figures are visually appealing, but for sure i can see how thick shapes and natural hair is enticing also. i have a thick nose, that i just recently learned to love…if my man required (or requested) that i change it, there would be problems. take into account what you want to do, and surround yourself with those who are supportive of it. that…is happiness:)

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