i blame u assie

you know since Cassie decided to be so diffrent and slipt her fuckin wig on one side. It looks like the pandemic has begun.  So I was doing my daily web surfing and looks like ole girl asked for the Cassie and FAILED!

via crunkndisorderly
via crunkndisorderly


Its crazy though because alot of comments I see about this bullshit haircut is that Cassie can pull it off because she’s pretty. Then I say so you can’t get the cut if your looks are questionable. Well I guess I got the answer I was lookin for.

One thought on “i blame u assie

  1. First of all… I have to say, I don’t care for people putting and unauthorized photo up of myself on this pages!!!! You shouldn’t pick on me because I have a great sense of taste. I was the firt on the streeks sportin’ this cut… So I’m a leader that Cassie mess is the follower. But because she’s famous and don’t have the EBT card, I guess I don’t fuckin count!!! Well Fuck you too!!!! Poor folks got trend too!! If I want to shave half the hair off my PUSSY, will you post a picture of that too.. You blog people need to get a life and a job as well. By the way if you look closer to my head you’ll see that both sides are shaved for your fuckin’ infomation and the 411. So kiss my shaved ass!!!

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