Isreal Vs. Palistine

So I’m driving to work to day as usual and I am pretty much use to being bombarded with others people’s values and opinions. I have understood the Israeli and Palestinian conflict somewhat. I see it like this after WW2( World War 2) the U.S. needed a place to put all the displaced German Jewish people so they picked Palistine and carved out a large chunk of land and named it Israel and that was in the 1940’s.

So today we are in 2009 and the Palestinian people want their land back because basicly they put the displaced Palestinian people into camps on their own land. You know it’s just like the way the Native Americans are put into reservations on their own land same shit diffrent place.

isreal  plasti1

So the first pic says HONK IF YOU LOVE ISRAEL now I saw people like honking for their life. It just seemed like they were honking to be vindictive and mean to the opposition.

The other pic says END ISRAELI  APARTHEID which many people yelled mean and nasty things instead of just moving on.  Looking at them does make one have flashbacks of planes hitting buildings and such.

I guess that is what makes America so great freedom of speech ans assembly. I just wanted to show you what college students do most of the day.

I would have been more shocked if they show the similarities of the religions and the people instead of the same old  divide and conqure bullshit.

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