That’s What’s Up!!!! by: Meeeeeeeee!!!

Okay one More I wote tell me what you Think!!!!

Now the World Premier…..


Oh u don’t like my nappy ass hair and my dark chocloate skin what u want me to do.
I mean damm I’m 5’10 180 fine like wine is that no enough for you he said “NAH!”
Oh you don’t like my thick lips and hips and the attitude that goes wit it what u want me to do
Oh you say u really can’t stand my wide nose and fat juicy azz not forreal huh what you want me to do
Finally my black brotha decides to respond…
Well he says my sista you know what I want u  to do I want you to get a relaxer I like that straight silky shit like Beyonce
I want you to say otta the sun and lighten up a bit like Ashanti
I want you to hit the tread mill lose some of those hips and that fat azz of yours I. Like my women petite like Hallie Berry
I want u to get some light brown contacts some tips fo those nails and maybe get a nose job yeah that’s what up he says
Anything else my brotha I ask
Nah he’s says that’s it
You know what I say
Go fuck yo self I aint changin shit and if you don’t like me for me then go eat a dick
That’s What’s Up

One thought on “That’s What’s Up!!!! by: Meeeeeeeee!!!

  1. I think black girls became so unattractive when they put in blue contacts and weaves down to their butts. Stay naturally beautiful, Steph. Remember when we used to walk up 110th street to St. anne’s with our braids in our hair.All we cared about is if our legs were ashy…can’t believe I’m staying this but those were the days.

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