twitter my azz


Okay I twit. I thought it was going to be exciting to follow “stars” and be able to talk to them and shit. Well guess what rude awakening.

First of all I am following my friends that I already know and they are following me. See you have to follow in order to keep up with folks.

So one example I can give is Puff Daddy he is twitin all day every day if thats even him. So I say Hey Puff whats good I get no response and I say hi to other stars and get no response. I realize that I’m following them but they aren’t following me so whats the damm point.

So now when I do get to twitting its reduced to talking shit and saying check my blog  🙂 and Hi and the I’m going to sleep.

I have now realized that Twitter is complete nonsense and only people that want you to see them doing fabulous things want you to follow them but they won’t follow you. I feel some kinda way about that,lol

I’m just saying, sheesh! If you twitter what do you think of it do you enjoy the whole Twitter phenomenon…

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