Do I Hear Affirmitive…



Action that is. Well looks like this is the hot topic on Chris Mattews Hardball show well all the cable news stations for that matter. Hell its been a hot topic for the last 50 years. I kinda like Chris Mattews except when he gets to drooling about his Irish – Catholic background and his know it all attitude. The way Mattews continues to talk while a guest is trying to give a valid opinion is very entertaining.

The video above is suppose to be an “intelligent” debate on  an Affirmative Action case involving a test to promote firefighters that was thrown out because some think it was racist to minorities. Here is a like to the case if you want to catch up:

My problem is with Pat Buchana whose is a racist republican who has no problem wishing that it was the 1950’s again because “folks” knew there place. I just find him repulisive and I wonder why MSNBC seems to always want to hear his stupid ass opinion on anything all he talks about is Nixion and Reagan It 2009 give me a damm break Pat. 

I’m surprised that the  only argument Chris Mattews had was “Tradition” when hiring fire fighters…*funny*

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