Anyone That Wants to Have or Wants to Have More Kids


I love independent films as you all  know So I got to see a very interesting  exposé that Ricki Lake did about Midwives vs. The Hospital. It was just so informative that I think if and when I decide to pop my lid then I would want to do it at home in a tub too it seemed effortless in the movie but not for everybody.

Check it out when you have a chance there is something wrong with the way women and children are treated like cattle in these hospitals. The movie also talks about the high rate of C- sections in the U.S. Many times the medication that is given to speed things along and ease the pain is the reason why the baby becomes stress in the womb  and the doctor wants to cut your guts. Natural birth is inconvent in Hospitals today. If the doctor can be out by lunch he will and he will get the baby out no matter the cost.

Women are built to give life and its sad how that experiance of birth is snatch away from many mothers. I want to have the experiance when my time comes and no doctor is going to take that from me. I say that now anyway 😉

Below is the Trailer from The Business of Being Born: CHECK IT

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