Love Hate wit My Xbox!!


Yes. That is an Asian chick in the pic but the pose sums up the way I feel about my XBox 360… Hey what can I say I’ve neglected my video game duties. đŸ˜¦

You know I was so hyped to get this damm Xbox 360 I got rid of my precious PS2 and all my games. Now I got the Xbox and only played it like 4 times. Now I am a gamer and I love nasty violent games and shit but for some reason I just don’t have the desire to play wit my $400 Xbox 360.

I know I’m not growning out of playing my game it brings me joy. I think its because I have alot on my plate and I just don’t have time. Well Xbox I love you and we gonna get back on track real soon besides I need to beat Resident Evil .

If you r not a gamer then the above probably sounds crazy but I do love my video games! I gonna have to start a relationship with Wii really soon, lol

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