So This is TALENT!!!!

cassie-biddierihanna-mirrorI’m pretty sure ya’ll have seen enough young cooch to last for a week. So I’m not putting up graphic pics of these gals.  With that being said, I am just sadden at the recent leakage *giggle* of nude pics from our lovely and talented talent my ass Two. Rhi Rih and Cassie and according to Media takeout Kelis is coming wit the exposed va jay jay real soon.

Anyway in the case of Cassie. I see she has to do what she gotta do to sell whatever it is that she’s selling. She was looking for attention and she is getting it. First that damm hair cut that was just so “different” and “Rock Star” and now the nude pics.  Come on ladies Why? Why? Has anybody every hear of creditability? Well doing things like this you will lose alot of that creditability’s just look at John Edwards.

Now Rhi Rhi I think somebody is out to get her so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt but she still stiff as a board on stage and her talent is questionable. Kelis it so called “sex tape” you got to have one it so in isn’t out so we’ll leave that for now. I had such a big crush on Nas when he had the chipped tooth I still love that Nigga his words not mine.

AnyWay if this is what young lossed Black girls have to look up to and take ques from than dammit get ready for alot of no talent buck naked youngsters trying to use what they got to get what they want.

I do find it funny that some people think this is okay because these are pretty females and all but its not okay for anybody to whore themselves for publicity its so unbecoming of a lady…Ladies!


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