What is your Job…



Considered one of the BEST or one of the WORST Well Iwas reading over at Yahoo. They had one of their so called research on jobs. So ofcouse the Top 10 are all in the medical field. Look I want to make money but I’m not trying to spent the rest of my life in school and with $225,000 dollars in debt.

Top 5 BEST Paying Jobs

1. Surgeons ($206,770)
2. Anesthesiologists ($197,570)
3. Orthodontists ($194,930)
4. Obstetrician and gynecologists ($192,780)
5. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons ($190,420)

Then you have have jobs that just pay the bill and get many Americans by day to day. These are the jobs that most people have some like em most hate em. Ain’t nothing like have a job that you hate that pays shit 😦

Top 5 Worst Paid Jobs

1. Combined food-preparation and service workers, ($17,400)
2. Cooks, fast food ($17,620)
3. Dishwashers ($17,750)
4. Dining room/cafeteria attendants, bartender helpers ($18,140)
5. Shampooers ($18,300)

Well if you want to know where your job ranks or if its even ranked, lol. The work I do isn’t even mention and I want to finish up my degree to be a Parole Officer so I feel kinda good that they didn’t brother checking into that.

CLICK IT IF YOU WANT THE LISTS:http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/career-articles-america_s_best_and_worst_paying_jobs-860

Whatever Job  You Have, In these Times Be GLAD you still Have ONE.

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