Pastry No Ma’am!

First of all I am happy for the Simmons Girls and their success but Pastry is a travesty if I have ever seen one.

So I go to Footlocker and I’m Kick shopping. It took for fucking ever to get a a damm sales person to serve me. So when Bonquesha finally comes ova she says ” Need Help?” so I say “Yep!,I’m gonna need those right there.” So I’m pointing to some Fly azz Nike Shox. I Thought she was on the same page wit me and shit. She says “Got You!”

Okay so I’m Hype and shit Getting my feet ready for my new Kicks and shit. She comes back after a few minutes and hand me the box. I didn’t brother to look at it cuz I knew my Nikes was right. I open the box and check out the shit she brought me


I said “What in the Pink sprinkle Hell is this.” now she laughing and shit but I’m thoroughly applaud. She said ” You was pointing to those right?” my response was “Hell Naw, I want the damm Shox, Shit I’m grown what I look like rocking deez???.

Anyway we had a laugh after I told her to chill I was just taken a back by the shoes she was getting ralled up and I didn’t want to beat the shit otta baby girl.


The Moral to this story Is GROWN AZZ WOMEN need not to be seen in these fucked up ass shoes, shit kids don’t need them either. There is nothing Girlie about them and they are tacky. If I catch a ole bish rockin Pastry I know something. That goes for Baby Phat and Apple Bottoms and Dereon.




No Ma’am!!!!!

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