I’LL B BaCk and A FoNd FaIrWeLL!!!!

Okay I was Giving You the Heads Up These Few weeks That I was Moving Up in the World…So I will be Back Soon With MORE posts And SMART ass Commentary For Ya’LL. Like I said Before Thanks For Checkin Me and Stay Tuned…. There is ALWAYS time to BUST a NUT wit me so See Ya Soon!!!!! READING RAINBOW *tear* One More Thing You … Continue reading I’LL B BaCk and A FoNd FaIrWeLL!!!!

Quick Nutz

is brought to you Today by the letter F for the Fucked Up Shit people do with their Children….. She could atleast removed the child….yuck! Oh The Joys Of MySpace…lol Dick Ice Cream…Really Mom??? Learn How to Breast Feed Early….WOW We In this Together…BFFs Not Judging But, Ummmm…. They  R Some Hard Core Parents…lol I’m Speechless on this One If You Want to see More Recklessness … Continue reading Quick Nutz