Beefin Rappers R Mad OLD!

Theyall my used to be my favorite rappersbut they are Old as Shit.


I used to love me some 50 but he corney to me now. He is a good business man though. I think he needs to quit makin records…AGE: 33 yrs


I never cared for his chipped tooth havin ass. You got dough do like Nas get it Fixed… AGE: 31 yrs.


I still got a little love for Nas but this pic is slowly draining me….AGE :35 yrs


I remember when he first came out it was weird and different for that time. He is still selling albums and I believe his new album has gone platinum but he beefin wit Mariah Carey so I’m not moved….AGE: 36 yrs


These 2 look like Jerry’s Kids Twins have never grown up in my eyes. Method Man has kids and a wife but feels the need to shoot his fans wit a pellet gun. Redman I know he got some kids what else I can’t tell you. They have a new album out but who cares. They both are Old and dress like Teens….Method Man AGE: 38 yrs RedMan: 39 yrs


I loved me some Jay-Z. I even took a field trip to Marcy Projects. After In My Lifetime Vol2 Hard Knock Life skipp the bullshit in between The Black Album I was riding hard for ya boy. Not so much any more he’s just old skool and needs to stuck to making money like 50….AGE: 39 yrs

DEEZZZ NIGGAS IS MADDDDD OLDDDD…..LMAO Can I get some Young Blood that I like ofcoure thats another post! 

2 thoughts on “Beefin Rappers R Mad OLD!

  1. Steph, i know you loved jigga. I remember that parade where we chased the float from your block to 145th street, hopping over barricades & outrunning cops. and you swore that man smiled at you…You was chasing Jay, Tiff was chasing Ur-sher and I was like WTF am I running for? LOL. Good times, don’t you wish you loved a celebrity that hard now to be running marathons for them…but I am mad you felt the need to journey to Marcy. Damn, Steph

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