Not this Again Light Skin vs. Dark Skin



This is why WE as a people will never be shit. You wonder why, all around the world Black people are look at as a bunch of low class, undereducated fucks.

I saw this trailer But I’m not at all surprised. I am a dark skinned woman proud of It. It took me a Minutein my teen years to accept my skintone and my nappy hair. You know Why because the light skin dark skin thing has always been an issue in the Black Community.

I got the oh “You Cute FOR A DARK SKIN GIRL.” *eye roll*

I really am tired of this subject. Black people come in so many shades, How can being light skin be any better thandark skin ITS FUCKIN SKIN. Well its history this has been instilled in us since we came off the boat in chains.

Is there some truth that the lighter you are the more advantages you have? I wouldn’t know because I been dark since birth and all the stereotypes that’s out there have been heaped on me until you take the time to know me many look past my skin tone.

Well I can go on and on. I will say this Hip Hop plays a Huge roll in the on going SKIN issue. Just listen, watch and read self hate is a muthafucka and its worst when coming from hippocrates….

 Ne-Yo : “All the prettiest kids are light-skinned anyway.”

Young Berg : “It’s rare that I do dark butts – that’s what I call dark skinned women…I [don’t date women] darker than me.” “I love the pool test. If you can jump in the pool exactly like you are and you don’t come out looking better than you looked before going in the pool – then that’s not a good look. Any woman that uses brown gel to set down her baby hair is not poppin.”

Polo Da Don :  There was a stage in my life where I went crazy with dating white women. I have nothing against black women, but they’re raised differently. White women are raised to respect and serve their men.  Black women are taught to question [their men]. Black women look at submission as being weak. White women look at submission as being a woman. And anyone who has a problem with this statement is ignorant.  Just look at the divine order: it goes God, man, woman, child.

Fuck Em Imma Do Me and You ain’t Gettin my money either. Funny Ya Momma Dark as hell Blu Black even, but yet this is what comes out of your Fuckin Mouths…. Backwards Indeed!!!!

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