Thuggin It and Lovin It!!


So this is what’s Poppin in Baton Rouge L.A. You know what can I say, I like Bum Fights, Ghetto Fights and so on. That shit is funny to me but For some reason this just seems so damm ridiculous, so crazy that the alphabet boyz FBI CIA DEA  have to step in.

Whats wrong with Black men and even White men that are featured in this movie or period.  Why do they feel the need to terrorize their neighborhoods.  Why cant they channel that bullshit into something productive. They are obviously leaders in the community if they have all these dumb ass niggas following them lead them in a better direction. There is random shooting and basic “Lovin of the Thuggin” in this movie and it is suppose to be “entertaining”.

People fail to realize how impressionable young boys are. When watching things like this all you see is lawlessness, the idea that its fun to shoot guns, sell drugs and fuck people up when you feel the need to Thug.

The above clip is most interesting because what do you say when a White man is vouching for the crimes that takes place in these “hoods”. He makes alot of good points, Nobody gives a damm till its in your back yard.

So many questions and yet no answers….smdh!

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