An Imperfect Anget on A.G.T…

Mariah Carey was on America’s Got Talent and I didn’t Know if she was the retarded talent that America has or the biggest, top selling , seasoned female r &b singer of all time.  Where is Mimi and that beautiful Butterfly I used to love. I don’t like This Imperfect Angel. The song is catchy but she 40 why she singing about stupid shit.

“See Right Through You Like You Bathed In Windex” <<< FOR REAL!!!!

I’m not gonna talk about that outfit . Her outfits are always a problem. M.C. could never dance but this is like watching Stevie Wonder do the Stanky Leg Neva gonna happen.

I have to say Nick and Mariah have some CUTE chemistry…Hope it stays that way.

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