You New Supreme Court Justice



Hispanic politics made a giant leap for mankind when Ms. Sonia Sotomayor was sworn in as the 3rd woman and 1st hispanic, Puerto Rican to be exact,  Supreme Court Justice. One of them old ass ones is retiring. 17 years as a federal judge she has the most legislative experience than ANY other supreme court judge in its 200 yrs history.

She is NOT a product of her environment, which is a good thing. She was born and raised in the gritty South Bronx in NYC. Sotomayor graduated 3rd in her class at Princeton University.

So what do that mean for Hispanics in American???? 

NOTHING! she has said she will rule by the constitution and uphold the law of the land. She is a liberal leaning judge so ya’ll at least have that. Now this only affects you if you have the all your PAPERS I.C.E in order.

What does this mean for President Obama???

More Hispanic Votes in 2012 maybe???

CONGRATS!!!!! I Guess.

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