Drug Wars…Revisted




Being that the Black Community is still so driven by selling hard drugs and getting Fast Bitches I Figured that “Drug Wars” would be a good daily post to update you on the issues that yes the HiP HoP and Inner City Community face on a Daily.

My take on drugs is to legalize Weed( marijuana) Marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to manand maybe small amounts of harder drugs ( cocain, herion, crack) so that taxes can be drawn from the purchase of these products and there can be some kind of regulation. More revanue less taxes I would think.

But, the War on Drugs in a big business. There are alot of branches grownig out of this tree. Unless that tree somehow becomes posion there’s no cutting it down, if you know what I mean.

Lesson 1 – Rockerfeller Laws

Even Grandpa Hova tried to bring light to these OUTDATED and RACIST laws. Too Bad the only changes have be the amount of drugs that need to be carried to enact the law and the new drugs that have been added to the Law since 1973.

May of 1973, New York’s Governor Nelson Rockefeller pushed through the state legislature a set of stringent anti-drug laws. Among the most severe in the nation, the purpose of these laws was and is to deter citizens from using or selling drugs and to punish and isolate from society those who were not deterred. “It was thought that rehabilitative efforts had failed; that the epidemic of drug abuse could be quelled only by the threat of inflexible, and therefore certain, exceptionally severe punishment.”1

The new drug laws, which have since become known as the “Rockefeller Drug Laws” established mandatory prison sentences for the unlawful possession and sale of controlled substances keyed to the weight of the drug involved. Generally, the statutes require judges to impose a sentence of 15-years to life for anyone convicted of selling two ounces, or possessing four ounces of “narcotic drug” (typically cocaine or heroin).

In 1977 The Committee on New York Drug Law Evaluations, a partnership between the Association of the Bar of the City of New York and The Drug Abuse Council, Inc., issued a report2 that was highly critical of the Rockefeller laws. The Committee found that heroin use and heroin-related crime (the major drug concerns at the time) was as widespread in the middle of 1976 as prior to the enactment of the Rockefeller laws in 1973. Despite the expenditure of $76 million and the appointment of 49 additional judges to handle cases under the new law, it was described as a dismal failure.

That same year legislators removed marijuana from the list of substances covered by the Rockefeller Drug Laws, decriminalizing its use and simple possession under 7/8 oz. They were concerned over the large amount of criminal justice resources and prison space being used for marijuana offenders. They felt that criminal prosecution and incarceration were inappropriate penalties for mere possession and use of marijuana. 3

By 1979, in response to extensive criticism, the legislature had amended the laws to increase the amount of drugs needed to trigger the 15-year to life sentence for both sale and possession. In 1988, concern over “crack” cocaine led to a lowering of the weight threshold for cocaine possession to enable the arrest and prosecution of people possessing small amounts of the drug. The Rockefeller Drug Laws have remained essentially unchanged since then.

Via: Rockefeller Drug Laws Information Sheet

What to Look foward to If  YOU get caught out There……

1. 5 grams or more of CRACK  and CRACK COCAINE = mandatory minimum sentence of five years. First-time offender – including powder cocaine – is a misdemeanor offense punishable by a maximum of one year

2. Marijana – any person can be imprisoned for up to one year for possession of one marijuana cigarette and imprisoned for up to five years for growing a single marijuana plant.

3. Herion – penalties starting from a $2 000 fine and/or two years in jail to a $500 000 fine and/or jail for life.

We we’ll STOP here for today but check back daily for new Information and other updates.

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