Look Here Little Girls…

Because these ladies get praises for their Beauty and Brains and I say that Loosely. So I want to know WHY DO LADIES REALLY LIKE HIP HOP???? I mean can we really relate. Lets Discuss. If U are moved Plz Comment….

Yeah Yeah I know I’m a Hata, Hater whatever My Blog My RULES….NOW

These poses look Way familiar

 Onika Maraj aka Niki Minaj AGE – 23 yrs






Obviously Minaj was inspired by Lil’ Kim when she was human at some point. One question Where did she get that accent???? And so the cycle of singing/rapping  about how bitches want to fuck you and Niggas want to fuck you and you have to fuck and suck to get what you want continues. I heard her mix tape and dare I say I’m not moved.

Amber Kanye West Rose West – AGE – 25 yrs


Dare I say I don’t see the infatuation but then again I’m dark skinned so that is enough for me to be confused and classified as a hater..lol about this whole thing that is Amber Rose. I can say this she has a unique style and she is smart enough to parlay dating Gayfish West into a REAL modeling contract with FORD… Go Head wit ur bad self. The now Infamous lyric from “Stronger”

Heard they’d do anything for a klondike, well i’d do anything for a blonde-dike – Kanye West alway gets what he wants…HA!

None of these ladies claimed to be role models but sorry ladies you are and your doing a hellva JOB!!! These young whores “loves ya lots”

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