StarLets or HarLots????

So I did a Post about old rappers called Beefin Rappers R Mad OLD!

If you need a

So I decided to stop for a minute and take a look at some “role models” that the female youth of today have to look up to or in worst cases copy to a tee. So join me as I say what the fuck I wanna say about these Plz leave a comment if it moves you. Without further adu….

The Mama of all Media Whores…. Paris Whitney Hilton AGE: 28yrs


Wonkey Eye, Fake Blue eyes, Fake blonde hair. Hilton is the one who paved the way for other Starlets to follow in her herpes infested footsteps.  Five easy steps you need to follow and you too can be the best whore in Hollywood and get a couple of shows to boot… 

1. Be born into Old Money. No one likes a broke Hoe
2. Party till your pussy comes out and says HEEEEEYYYYY!
3. Get you a Fat friend so you can look super skinny as you wabble around
4. Fuck on tape and lose it by mistake! very important…
5. Make sure to deny, deny, deny, said sex tape, snort some high quality coke and lots of it and deny that to.
Bonus: Drive drunk and get a cool mug shot…then you have arrived, WHORE!

Now the Follwers….

Britney Jean Spears –  AGE: 28 yrs


Britney started young 15 yrs old and she has some talent in her heyday. She was the Queen of Erotic Tween Pop music after all. All was well till she lost her mind totally. In the process she start the FIVE STEP program to become an even bigger media whore. I can give Brit credit she added a new STEP #6. Show your pussy Freely and repeatly like a psyco path and people talk about you more. Spears has 2 sons being raised in a rich but broken household best wishes to the boys.

Lindsey Lohan – 23 yrs old


She started out on a good foot with “Mean Girls” but her vagina was yearning for more media attention. She decided to hang with the hardcore whores. Being as young as she is her freckled body couldn’t control the liquor, free sex, and that high quality heroin that she is currently addicted to. So whats next for this whore after all FIVE STEPS are done? Well she is a pseudo lesbian that worships Marilyn Monroe so U already know.

Kimberley Noel Kardashian – 28 yrs


Kim is the best student. She followed teacher all the way to the fuckin bank. Not only did Kim follow the FIVE STEPS she did it with such dignity and poise that sometimes I forgot she is a media whore. Kim is at least nice enough to share the “star’ power with other Harlots in training i.e. a confused Ciara. Kim even had a relationship with pocket book holder and football player in his free time Reggie Bush that appeared real. Kim has even went as far as to put her sisters on. She makes her father famed O.J. lawyer Robert Kardashina proud *yawn*         

  Khloe Alexandra Kardashian – 24 yrs & Kourtney Mary Kardashian – 30 yrs PRN-033963

 What to say When your sister pussy puts food into your mouth to have to get on the band wagon. These 2 are just getting started so I can’t say much about them but if they think people are gonna give them that level of Whore attention their Sister Kim gets they better get naked and put a fat dick in their mouths. Its the only way, especally for that big giant Khloe.

We do have baby Media Whores in the making and they are doing a good job of it. I will not bash young whores because they still have time to reverse but being bad is so much fun..

Destiny Hope Miley Cyrus – 17 yrs


Vanessa Anne Hudges – 21 yrs


Cassandra Ventura – 22 yrs 



Robyn Rhianna Fenty – 21 yrs


The one thing About Ms. Fenty is her stylist keeps her relevant and the fact that she is now known as the one that got the dog shit beat otta her but loves Mr. Brown and I hopes he beats the brakes off of her next time so she knows he loves her too. But thats another post…lol

This is Where I STOP! The List goes on and on especally when you have no REAL TALENT I took time to black out the nips but these baby whores want  you ts see thers baby wares so… But Starlets keep at it You’ll be a harlet in No Time!!! 



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