A.B.D.C – Vogue Revolution


Well America’s Best Dance Crew has returned and boy did it have a pleasent surprise. No Lil Mama did not look like a female with a sense of style and class, Shit if that had happen I would have die one the spot and you would be reading this. She still a Mini Horse and that’s a compliment.

No the surprise was a group call Vogue Revolution. This crew is based out of New York City The birth place Harlem Renaissance of that thing we call Voguing oh how Paris Is Burning *wink*. With 4 gay men and 1 trans gender female  Leiomy Maldonado they plan to win and set a new standard in the process. You know I believe this is the spinning and dipping Leiomy Mizrahi, if I’m wrong well then she can take it as a compliment but if I’m right she is one of best dancers I have seen in a long time.

I think I’ll tune into ABDC just to see how far they will go. Besides the way Lil Man let his inner club kid jizz all over the mic it’s clearly gonna be a long season.

The One Beyonce Ripped off…. Leiomy Mizrahi

Vogue Revolution

I’m Kinda Excited…

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