A Couple Of Quick Nutz!!!

Oprah In The Hood. Interviewing Grand Daddy Jigga for O MaG. It looks like O put herfinger in Jigga’sAzz…


This Is A 15 year old girl. Not a 40 yr old ex hooker – Ali Lohan (whore in training) sister of Lindsey Lohan…


A newly or old whatever bald Solange and her 32 year old sister Beyonce Knowles whoring promoting some Japanese hand bags. They got caught in that earthquake and they are okay I hear….wonderful *side eye* 

I like Solange’sHair. She looks young and bright with that pigeon toe stance. Beyawnce looks a little retarded waving like that. I still won’t support ya’ll music….sorry!


This Monster is Princess Beatrice. Who says Princesses are beautiful…sheesh!


Did you know that The Grime Reaper has a remix with Mariah Carey Gucci Mane Age: 29. He Looks horrible and he has jaundice…


Heidi Montag dirty and big chinned on the Cover of Playboy. *blink blink*


A confused and greasy looking Apple headed Ciara, Can I get A played out Matrix Back bend please. Your losing your relevance…


This is Not a MUPPET. Its Tiny from that annoying Tiny & Toya shit


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