Look What We have Here…



Funny I made a post about Young Media Whores in training. Just when I was saying  how maybe I was being to hard on 17 yr old Miley. I even said how I  like Miley Cyrus’ song “The Climb” and how inspirational it is for these young girls.

Well look who has egg on their damm face now, That would be me..smh. So the 2009 Teen Choice Awards are being taped and an excited young fan decided to tape it all on her video phone.

So you can now see Miley Cyrus’ performance before the Teen Choice awards airs. Marvel at her young hoe pole dancing exploits.

The sad part of it all is this is the sign of the times. I remembered there was a time when stripping and simulating sex was TABOO. Now you can take a pole dancing class either to lose weight or just brush up on your hoe moves.

Miley Cyrus is 17 but her audience is a bunch of  11 – 15 yr olds. So this is what these tweens have to emulate. Well the question to ask is Whose Fault is This????

Look at ot Now because it might be CUT from the program before it Airs.

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