Beyonce Vs Shakira

I was minding my own business when I came across this very interesting article about Beyonce and Shakira. So the article was singing Shakira’s praises while ripping Beyonce’s lace front off.

So I wanted to put this Versus to the test. Who is the REAL international Superstar…lets take a look


shakira          Name: Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll         

            Birthplace:Barranquilla, Colombia             

              Birthday: February 2, 1977                        

 Shakira was already a star in Latin America but we are going to base this comparison solely on album sales as a SOLO artist. Anyway here is Shakira’s numbers, She has released 7 albums 3 went platium in sales. 30 million album sold world wide.



Beyoncé Giselle Knowles

                   Birthplace: Houston, Texas               

Birthday: September 4 1981*   *I Don’t Believe it*

Beyonce has had success with her group Destiny’s Child but we are talking about her SOLO success. She has released 6 albums 3 of them were reissues, 3 went platinum not the reissues. 20 million albums sols world wide.

So far Shakira has 10 million albums on Beyonce. The article also questions the ladies talent. We know both are talented but 1 is in a class by herself. IMO Shakira just has that natural appeal hence INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR. 

I don’t care for Beyonce so this rant was pointless. Shakira is always comes with something different she even sounds like nobody else. Shakira was nice enough to  work with Beyawnce on “Beautiful Liar” you can clearly see the stand out in the video. Beyonce tries too hard as usual and Shakira just moves effortlessly. Shakira knows when she wears out her welcome not Ms. Carter she will re – release an album until you break down and LISTENNNNNNNN! 

Just watch Beyawnce try to out Belly Roll Shakira is Laughable…LMAO

Here is Shakira’s new Video for her NEW song “SHEWOLF” I like it its cute!

We already know what Beyawnce can do

“You listen to me. You know exactly who this is. You came into mah house? You touched mah child? You think ur crazy? I’ll show ya crazy. Just try me, bitch. ”

Guess the

Article Here :

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