Why The ButtS????

There was only one time well 2 times, I could remeber when having a big ass was all the rage. Back in the early 90’s we had 2 Live Crew’s “Doo Doo Brown” and Sir Mix-A-Lot with “Baby Got Back” just to name a few. Funny thing at the beginning of that “Baby Got Back” video were 2 white girls talking about how big that girls butt was and they weren’t all excited about it.

Then you had the late 80’s EU’s “Doin tha Butt” from Spike Lee’s “School Daze soundtrack. “Stephanie Got a Big ole Butt, Oh Yeah!!!!” *wink* So when all that calmed down the ressurection of the big fat ass had returned in the 2000’s and we all know who the Grand Momma of Big Media Butts is


Jennifer J.Lo Jenny From The Block Lopez. When Folks white and black mensaw her big fat azz the jizz that was released was of epic proportions. Now we have to praise her for “loving” her “curves”. Having a big azz has nothing to do with curves. You just was born with a Big Azz. Nothing wrong with that…Right????

So its 2009 and the phenomenon that is the BIG AZZ is at a pace that is getting a little scary. Now anybody with a couple of buck can buy BUTT PADS or a couple thousand dollars you can get BUTT IMPLANTS.

Lets Talk a look at this New Image Issue….shall we

Lets say you don’t have the greatest ass and its really brothering you. Well I did a little research for you. All of these prices are from a website based in California. I’ll give you the link at the end of this RANT…lol

What To Look Forward To. Who Can Get a Butt Implant???

Buttocks Augmentation (Butt Implants) Cost & Profile

  • Avg. Cost: $3681
  • Candidate: Lacks buttock development
  • Length: 2-3 hours
  • Treatments: One
  • Results: Permanent
  • Back to work: 2-3 weeks

Don’t get me wrong some people have horrible asses and need help but just a little bit is necessary like these ladies below.



I Like to Call this one The Angel Lola Luv Azz. It has that droop and everything to fool a dumb azz nigga..lolafter2

Then you have those that Go fuckin overboard and you have to ask yourself is it really that serious. What size jeans do these bitches wear? Is this really whats poppin now a days? Whatever happen to NATURAL????

Angel Lola Luv


Media Whore Kim Kardashian


Now This Just Made me Sick. Some Weird Bitch named Pebblez


So Whats the Moral of this Story. Well if your self esteem is shot to hell and you have to have an ass MODERATION please. You don’t want to end up like this


If you don’t have the money and feel that its just not that SERIOUS then get some damm pads and move on. Ladies stop trying to pleas these men they really don’t like all that Stupid ass you carrying around

Besides If He Like It He’ll Put A Ring On It WITH or WITHOUT an AZZ!!!!

CLICK IT FOR MORE INFO: http://www.locateadoc.com/pictures/cosmetic-surgery/buttocks-augmentation-butt-implants.html

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