Hulk Come get Your Son!

Brooke Bollea aka Brooke Hogan Age:21

brooke-hoganI might be a little late. I just wasn’t gonna touch on this but When you have an album out and no one cares what is a girl to do???? Talk shit Ofcourse ;p

So Brooke Hogan put her size 14 foot in her Mouth. Now why would she answer some of thoes stupid questions? Did she not see the set up? Guess not because Brooky decided to let her dick suckers flapp…lol

Brooky refers to Cassie’s Pussy as “all stretched out,” She called Grand Pa Jigga Jay-Z a “camel” and Beyoncé ”Just give it a break” Taking a cue from Elvis Impersonator Keri Hilson she tells Beyonce to “Go have some babies”.

Brook you might be right in your comments but Bitch sell an album please Cassie sold more albums than you….Think!

Too bad her handlers removed the footage of her being a critic. I will say this Brooke, Beyonce may have a lot of “haters” I am one of them But that is one of the Hardest Working Bitches out there. I wish she would got sit the fuck down somewhere but Money talks And Bullshit walks…You Brooke Hogan are the Bullshit.

Singing with Paul Wall gave you a Limited ghetto pass. It has expired and that big head ass nigga you dealin with is suspect. I love Hulk Hogan this is the only reason why I’m not going in on you like I want to.

Just do us all a Favor Brooke and stick to what you do best work the pole cuz that is ALL I ever see this BITCH do. HULK you got some DUMB AZZ off spring..smh

Daddy Loves His Brooky….*giggle*


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