Side Bitch Blues….

Carmen Ortega  Age:25


Now…Its a sad state of affairs when women feel the need to step up and let folks know that they are the Whore that fucked up a relationship. When was that the thing to do?  Didn’t whores and home wreckers make it a point to runaway from the wife/girlfriend when the are in sight? I’m Just Saying…

Now That I look At her she looks alot like Kim. He probably got confused and Tripped into the Pussy, It happens alot I hear…Not Likely Though.

These bitches are now trying to parlay their Whore ways into lucrative deals and shit. No No Bitch this Shit should end NOW!!!

The Funny thing about this Whore is she ain’t got nothing to show for it. Where’s the Money, Cars and Clothes. Bitch ain’t Even Hoe right..smh. Ladies, if you ever come across a Whore like this that has Fucked up your relationship, you DON’T go after her you just let her do her, she is self destructing with every word that comes out her Dirty mouth.

Then You Give Your Man The Mean *SIDE EYE*and Kick him in The Dick!


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