HasBeens Keep Moving 9

Dancing wit the Stars line up is out and its so Exciting….NOT!


Fuck These losers Up top except For the Clarissa Explains it all Girl I like her. I’m having a problem when did being the daughter of a coke head and then  snorting some yourself lines make you a damm “star” Kelly Osborne and Meth addict Aaron Carter. WHEN DAMM IT I NEED ANSWERS??

Tom DeLay


This Man Above was once House Majority Leader in the United States House of Representatives. When did being in public office make you a fucking “star” OOOOOHHH I know when, the moment Delay decided to in 2005 violate election laws and in 2002 have  charges of conspiracy lobbed at him, Oh Yes What A STAR he is…smh

There is One true STAR I’ll be rooting for from a distance

Debbie Mazar


You remember her from “Jungle Fever”, “Girl 6” and “Goodfellas” just to name a few. Very Good Actress Indeed.

Well, I won’t be watching Dancing With the Stars 9 Because It’s Stupid but if you do this is what you have to look forward to…Enjoy!

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