Oh the Irony in this Pic…smhmichael-vick-with-dog

I don’t care I have and never was a Micheal Vick fan so what I’m saying might rubb many the wrong way. When he went to jail for animal cruelty, Many thought it was racist and he was being made an example of. I have heard people say that “2 years is a long time for some dogs”.

My feelings are this we as humans need to take into consideration the lives of animals. They don’t ask to be trained to fight and be used for malice. Dogs and pets period are animals and they can be violent when they feel the need to defend themselves just like humans. We take these animals in and turn on them, dogs are loyal to a fault just like the ones he killed. I am an animal lover and this pains me. Vick was being heartless and stupid in his actions so get got what the fuck he deserved.

I have heard the argument about OTHER NFL players and their crimes but I am not talking about them I am talking about Mr. Vick. I will say this I think they are up to something putting him on a team wit my man McNabb but that remindsto be seen. I just think to fast too soon and it might backfire…who knows, but Mr.Vick you don’t deserve those millions at all, you had your chance.

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