Why Do You Want Fame


Why Be FAMOUS if you can’t handle it?  This is why I never have nothing nice to say about these so called “Stars”. When you have a album coming out you call the paparazzi to take your funky ass pic like you royalty. When you want your “fans” that love you so much to buy your Bullshit Ya’ll act like giving your autograph is the best thing since slice bread.

So These two lames are in Croatia on Vacation and some paparazzi want to take their pic. Why not just smile and wave and move on your “fans” want to see you. No they got their big ass body guard getting all stupid and destroying equipment. Looking at this just makes my even more disgusted then I usually am with them.

Oh I get it Beyawnce and Jay – Z didn’t call the paparazzi  like they usually do so That’s why they got angry. Who Doesn’t like Flashing Lights????

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