I’LL B BaCk and A FoNd FaIrWeLL!!!!


Okay I was Giving You the Heads Up These Few weeks That I was Moving Up in the World…So I will be Back Soon With MORE posts And SMART ass Commentary For Ya’LL.

Like I said Before Thanks For Checkin Me and Stay Tuned…. There is ALWAYS time to BUST a NUT wit me so See Ya Soon!!!!!



One More Thing You Know How I feel about My beloved Children’s Programming. Well I’m sad to say that “Reading Rainbow” is going off the Air after 26 years of fun and lots of reading…lol The show stopped production in 2006 but PBS was still showing re -runs. Friday is the last day.

Man, my Childhood is either dying off, being cancelled or re made into upsetting movies day by day but man, did these shows and others leave a BIG mark in my youth but that’s another post..lol. I don’t know what the future will hold for these Dumb ass kids today but STOP taking the educational Programs OFF the AIR support PBS folks that’s all the youth of today can hope for…SERIOUSLY.

I want to say Thank You! PBS and the Good Folks at Reading Rainbow and Lavar Burton you gave me GREAT memories and One of the Best Theme song EVER MADE!!!!! U CAN”T DENY THAT!!!!

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