Derrion Albert Why does this have to happen All the fuckin time in the Black Community??? Its becoming ridiculous, What is making the Youth act so violently towards each other. I know kids have after school fights, shit I had a scuffle or 2 when I was in school but Murder???? They have on uniforms so it wasnt clothes. The boy was an INNOCENT BYSTANDER … Continue reading Why????

LaBronz’s Celebrity B Ball Party

LaBronze James had a basketball game and after party and all his famous friends came out wit their kids..Fun Times! I love his Vogue Cover it caused such a stir…lol What do you see on that cover??? Puff Daddy and his Mini Me and Al B Sure’s Mini Me Chris Tucker and his Seed Chris Brown Benny Boom and his Kids. Oh Benny Imma need my … Continue reading LaBronz’s Celebrity B Ball Party