Mamma Must Be Proud.


Pic Via

What a Fuck Ass. Chris Brown can’t think that the Bullshit he kicking to Larry King and the world is some how going to help his FUCKed up Image. If Rhi Rhi takes Chris back then she deserves any and everything she gets.

I didn’t watch but 5 mins after Larry Asked Chris about the previous fights they had and Chris said he wasn’t aware of those.

And whoever styled him with that stupid Bow Tie made him looks like a clown so the moral of this story is if you young that is all the excuse you need to Bite and Beat the dog shit otta ya girl or boy….HA!!! FAIL!!!

I knew he was weird all that fuckin dancing wit his goofy self… Well This is for all if Chris Brown’s “Natural Fans”…lol FINISH SCHOOL KIDS!!!!



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