I don’t care too much for Pres.Obama’s policies or stuttering but like I say before he IS the President of the United States. voted in by the people’s republic of the United States Democraticly none the less. With that being said give Pres Obama the respect he deserves DAMMIT!!!!!

Republican Joe Wilson of South Carolina

rep joe

His Now infamous Out Burst…lol

Now everybody has a opinon and a view but being and elected official you should conduct yourself as such. Was that “YOU LIE!” really necessary? I think he just wanted to make a fool of the President and distract from the issues like republican do. Well Guess What his childish out burst worked because this has been the biggest story today.

Like I always say if you Gonna be a big bad ass and let folks know you ain’t nothing to fuck wit Then do it Right!!! Why didn’t he just start a fight and get it in. It would have made good T.V. and an even better distraction. Our Government is so boring, Where is the Passion….


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