’09 MTV Movie Awards and Lil Mama

Russell Brand Hosted and I couldn’t begin to tell you what the fuck he was saying????


So the Biggest night in September has come and gone and I must say this one had me and my boo in awe and at times total in disgust, we’ll get to that later. This is gonna be a long and opinionated post so if you Sensitive get the fuck out…Let’s begin shall we…..

First we Had to sit through what was the equivalent of Don Cornelius at the B.E.T. awards. Madonna started off cool but then it just became to damm long. She look pinched and pulled but in good health for a 50 year old. To be from Detroit her British Accent Game was in full effect..lol


The the Tribute to Michael Jackson that I needed Started But Ummmm. I saw a few Female, Chinese, Cambodian, White, Puerto Rican and a retard dressed and dancing like Mike but NOT NAR A BLACK Mike. What the Fuck??? Otherwise good dancing except that one dude fucked up on the Lean in the Smooth Criminal Dance. Chris Brown would have done wonders BUT you Layed Rhi Rhi Down so ur History…smh


So the Suppose to be HIGHLIGHT was Janet Jackson dancing with her Bro Michael from their “Scream” duet. I liked it she sounded kinda bad but I’ll give her a pass because I know she has been going through it… Good Job!!!


Then it was the now ImFAMOUS GayFish moment that is Kanye West Fucking up 18 yr old Taylor Swift’s win. Like I say this is a grown man who clearly wants to fuck Beyonce and couldn’t control himself so what better way to Stan for B than to Act a Complete BITCH…Good Work KanYe u Got the Juice NOW…lol


Because of his Bullshit he was no longer seen and BOOOOed all Night…lol Oh…Just In…Looks Like KanYe has said “sorry” and blamed it on the alcohol but too bad the damage is done.

Beyawnce wanted to be the nights Captain Save A Hoe, maybe win over some new Stans B  Let Taylor Swift say her thank you’s. Beyonce decided to keep her trap shut. Good I didn’t want to hear Beyonce studder and stumble to get out 3 words let alone 2 Thank You! Smart Move..lol


The performers went above and beyond for tonights awards it must have been a full moon of something because I really enjoy a few.

Taylor Swift rebounded rather well after being accosted..lol and sounded good singing. I really like the homage she paid to Mike by doing her performace in the SubWay made me think of his video for ” Bad”…Atleast that’s what I like to think she was doing. LIKED IT!!


Pink sounded good as usual and she was flipping and shit while doing it! LOVED IT!


  “Kanye West is the biggest piece of shit on earth. Quote me. – PINK<TRUE!!!

Lady GaGa I have to say it can sing and is nothing like I’ve seen in a while. Besides that lame “God and Gays” shit she is a breath of fresh AIR! LOVED IT!


Beyonce *sigh* had her PUSSY on full display she looked OLD and DRY her pussy poppin game was in over drive tonight…who she was dancing for like that…argh!!! Beyonce really didn’t sing and she sounded like Tina Turner after Ike layed the smack down when she started yapping. Nothing new and I wasn’t expecting shit to be anything DIFFERENT or SHOCKING  from the Yaki Queen. It was nice of MTV to let he Sister Solange come and yell into the mic for a few seconds…It must suck to never have your OWN shine even Bald…lol HATED BOTH!!! HA!


Then Was the Final Performer of the Night Jigga and Alica Keys. LOVED IT thats my song anyway so. But just when the shit was going smoothly. I was in my house loving My hometown NYC talkin shit and tellin my boo how fucked up OHIO and TENNESEE was….lol Guess who decided bring their Bullshit on the stage.


Lil Mama looked a fool and I’m glad Jay didn’t pay her stupid ass no mind. People need to play their Positions for Real I hate that BITCH!!!!


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