Letter To Kanye

GayFish On the Big Chin!!!!

You know its BAD when The President Of The United States take time out to call You A JackAss…Yes! I love it.

Dear Kanye,

 I know you never gonna see My blog (maybe??) but Brotha it’s been a long time coming. I like many r tired of your Bullshit. I don’t know if that whole shit was a set up but Just lookin at your dunk ass on stage was all it took. The “Fuck Kanye” campaign is in Full Force and thats what you get. 

Now its the time for  you to go morn the death of your Mom the right way, somewhere properly not in front of the camera for the world to see. you clearly haven’t been the same since Ya Moms died. I will totally understand if you need ME time

Please get you a nice wholesome Female to settle down and have some Babies with. That Ball Bustin Ass Pussy Kat you dealing with is not gonna Cut it and You Know it, then come back to the masses. I know you not gonna listen and you gonna end up on suicide watch but Please take heed.

This goes For that Bitch Ass Beyawnce….I’m On to You!

Your Former Fan


P.S. I didn’t Mean To Say Your Jaw Should Come Unhinged Again…My Badd!

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