Self Respect

I’m not to surprised by this because being a “baby’s mama” can get you some lucrative deals these days shit Being a famous person’s Jump off can get your own T.V. and Book deal.  I know Dudes just like to look at the pics and dream but this is getting Really Sad.

The Headline Reads : “50 cent Introduces Rick Ross’ Baby Momma”


This can’t be life is She serious. Tia…. U really need to get your mind right. You not hurting nobody but Yourself. Do you think Putting your Photoshop and Airbrushed Pussy On Display is going to move somebody to go get your book???

Nobody wants to read about how you let Ricky Ross put his Stomach on your Back and Fuck you in the ass. We can get that From Superhead. realize your child will be an adult one day and this is the legacy you left behind. Welp!!…To Tia’s child I want you to know Your Mama aint Shit.

Neither is 50 cent with his monkey looking ass. Stop using this dumb ass woman for your monetary gain. We don’t need no more stupid bitches running around town thinking this shit is Cute….ITS NOT


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