Sex And Some Ole Bishes

Sex And The City 2 hits theaters May 28 ,2010 shooting has begun in New York City.


Now I’m having a Serious Problem With all of this….

Carrie Bradshaw

sarah jessica parker flashdance outfit 3 020909

In this Pic Sarah Jessica Parker is suppose to  be traveling  back in time and reminisce about when she First came to NYC in 1987….NO MAM!!!! Her hands look awful she better start wearing gloves like Madonna.

Samantha Jones


There is Nothing Sexy about a 50 yr old talking about how much she likes Dicks and Fucking. If you watch the show and seen the first movie then you know what I’m talking about…Give It a Rest Already!

Charlotte York


She is the Uptight one who to me has the only real story line. Her husband could get her knocked up so she adopted a chinese baby girl who is the only cute thing in the movie.

Miranda Hobbs

People Cynthia Nixon

I can separate her life form the movie she plays a married woman. Cool but in real life she is Gay as the Day is long so I can’t take this character seriously.

This is my take on Sex and The City 2 . Why, Why, Why its gonna do great because some people either like to dream about living like these people and can’t get enough or some folks like is so much they can’t let the shit rest. We Shall See…

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