Ne Ne Leaks is Ova



In my Al Bundy Voice  NO MA’AM!!!!

I have had enough of ATL Housewife Ne Ne Leaks. It was interesting on the first season but now I can see that the fame has went to that wonky head of yours and I’m appalled and I didn’t see the humor. It was bad enough I had to deal with Giuliana Depandi’s stupid ass questions.

Mrs. Leaks was on E! Red Carpet Pre – Show and all I have to say is NO MA’AM just too EXTRA for her own good Sheree would have been better. She knew just the right stupid shit to say so she would be the talk of the town here are some of her hitz

“I’m just trying to see the real fashions, because I’m not impressed yet.”

To me, Debra’s looking really plain and simple. Really, she could have just put that on and went shopping.”

Black girls are not into vampires, honey. That’s a white girl thing.”

Well E! you got the right Big Fat Ignorant Black Bitch to get on T.V. and make a complete fool of herself plz don’t clump all Black women together because of her bullshit. And that RED ass lipstick was not the bizness. Ne Ne changed it after someone make a crack at her….HA!

One thought on “Ne Ne Leaks is Ova

  1. Love NeNe, love the show–from the very beginning to now. All of the “Housewives” series had to “kick it up a notch” when Atlanta came along. The Atlanta Housewives are the most popular according to most polls–and a favorite even among some of the other Housewives from other series–NO thanks to you holding-up-the-race Negroes always wanting to call anything and everything Black folks do “ghetto”–especially when they keep it “real” and show a true range of emotion instead of imitating YOUR white idols. SHUT UP! And who cares if they’re rich or not—THEY ARE NOW! LOL! And for the record–some of the housewives on the other series weren’t/aren’t rich either; SO WHAT’ YOUR DAMN POINT.

    YOU haters need to stfu–that’s why most of you can’t get anywhere in your own lives–too busy hatin.’ I say to you, in-the-name-of-NeNe—BAM! LOL!

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