Cut The BullShit

Happy Birthday Barbie!!! 50 years, Go Girl.


Black Babrie Facts: 

  • First introduced in 1967 as a friend of  Barbie named Francie
  • The first official Black Barbie was introduced in 1980
  • This fall Mattel plans to introduce The So In Style dolls, a collection of  Black Barbies complete with authentic-looking African American features, a facial sculpt, fuller lips and a wider nose. The dolls wil also have distinctive cheekbones and curlier hair.

With that being said Black, Hispanic, Asian Whatever you are Please get over your Barbie Complex It a Fuckin Doll.

Why am I saying this. Well I just read this article well more like a letter Called D.O.B. Death of Barbie its at if you want to read it.

Hispanic Barbie


You can kinda draw your own conclusion as to what they were bitching about. Now I played with Barbie like every single girl in the world. I had a white Barbie because I liked her Blond hair. I had my Black Barbies too because they were black like me. Never once did I form a complex over how and why Barbie came about. Black females seem to be the only ones who have an image issue with this damm toy. I understand I am a black female but to equate your image issues with Barbie is getting old….

If you have a problem with Barbie then please don’t buy her for your kid, niece, cousin whatever. The last thing you want to have this child somehow form an Image issue because they want a whit one not a black on. Give Mattel credit they tried to make a Barbie for every color of the rainbow. Give them a break…Will Ya???

2 thoughts on “Cut The BullShit

  1. Cut the Bullshit?
    You sound quite ignorant. No, black women are not the only one with image issues due to the “damn toy.” Just as equally, because you are one of the few that hasn’t developed issues. It is not your place to tell people it is just a toy. There have been numerous studies (would you like me to email them to you? Here’s one you can start with: on the reflective destroying nature of “toys” and children’s self esteem. Over time, these reflected images turn young woman and sometimes men into self-hatred. Do you want another study on the beneficial factor on children growing up with positive images around them, and the effect it has on their future? To say that it is just a toy, dismisses the power that a toy reflects on your self-esteem. For so long, black women were told that their natural hair, body features, and distinctive facial features were intolerable. Hell, they even made ad’s to promote ethnic women to “relax their hair” to gain raises at work. So, should I sit back and say oh, that’s just a damn ad? No, you shouldn’t either. Not every woman is affected, but it damn sure is rude of you to dismiss the feelings and thoughts of the women that were. A blog spot is free for your own words and ideas, but next time you should probably watch how you come across. There is no need to be offensive, when describing your point of view.

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