Hot DaMM Hoe….

Hot Damm Hoe Here We Go Again…


At First it was Lil’ Kim and that was AvanGard back in ’97. We had Foxy Brown too. I see that the only way a female can get Shine in the Rap arena these days is to have a Nigga co – sign for you. I see a pattern. Lil Kim had Biggie, Foxy Brown had Jay-z , Nas and AZ, Eve had DMX and Ruff Ryders.

Now, i’m not gonna Front Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown in their hay Days was the shit. They flaunted their stuff and didn’t give a shit. One thing that will always set them apart is their Rapping. Yes, they had their rhymes written for them but the delivery was Wonderful….AnyWay…lol

The Cycle continues with Nicki Minaj Here she is in Honey Magazine



She is a Beautiful girl and she knows that she comes off like a cartoon…lol I just don’t see IT poppin like everyone has been saying. When was this Hip Hop real rhyming?? People used to be more passionate about their craft. Dis shit right her is getting a pass because of Lil Wayne…point blank!!!

Well I’m sticking to this Till REAL shit comes Along….

One thought on “Hot DaMM Hoe….

  1. did this dumb chick just say her style is that she loves pink. I expect that answer from a 3rd grader. Get some knowledge in your head, sis, cuz the music industry will rape you.

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