Do You Blame Her???

Just Like Hallie Berry and Many other Black Women Scorned Do You Blame Them????



Rhi Rhi and her BFF Melissa were enjoying each others company in France.

If Rhi Rhi wants to go deep sea diving what exactly is the problem? She was with a man who beat the hell otta her on more that one occasion so why would she want to get another dude and fear that the same thing would happen again??? You see Hallie Berry got a gentle white man to be with. When she was with a Brother her beat the hearing otta her. Hallie is deaf in one ear, Right!

Now we can also say that they just 2 friends having Fun? But why is it that is okay for Lindsey Lohan to be coked up around town acting like a fux lesbian and no one questions her is it because She is White and Rhi Rhi is black and in the Black World only be can be openly HoMo???. These are the same people who go crazy about some damm Prop 8 that have something to say about who is fuckin who?

I prefer and Love Dicks Myself But Rhi Rhi is she makes You HAPPY GO Girl!!!!…lol

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