Derrion Albert

Why does this have to happen All the fuckin time in the Black Community??? Its becoming ridiculous, What is making the Youth act so violently towards each other. I know kids have after school fights, shit I had a scuffle or 2 when I was in school but Murder???? They have on uniforms so it wasnt clothes. The boy was an INNOCENT BYSTANDER so WHY????

It’s like these boys became savage and the blood lust was so uncontrollable that they could come to their fuckin senses. This is the Youth of the Black Community. You can say its an isolated incident but you know what take time and google black youth killed and you will see that it is becoming NORMAL too  these fuckin Kids.


You watch the Video and You bear witness to a murder live on tape! No one deserves that. The Youth of today are becoming more savage and desensitize to Violence everyday. So what does that mean for the future. Is this what we have to look Forward to??? Not Looking to good especially For BLACK MALES….. Think People!!!!

So I guess we Going to have ANOTHER stop the Violence March???? SmH!

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