So I guess this little homeless girl isn’t an American Girl????

Gwen the NEW American Girl Doll


Mattel’s American Girl doll collection continues their popular “Just Like You” series with this new addition. Now if you have never hear of American Girl well these dolls are  suppose to help little girls see that they can and do anything if they put their little mines to it. The dolls represent diffrent time periods in American History or you can make a doll from scratch. The Dolls have their own story books that tell you an inspirational tale about the chose American Girl


Addy Walker


Addy is a very Popular Historial American girl. I always wanted her myself…lol

I think the idea behind the dolls are good and they are great for little girls. So what is all the outrage behind Gwen. Are there not homeless kids in American History???? People read too much into shit thats when the message get lossed among the kids.

Listen to these so called experts, more like

“What message is being sent with Gwen?” said New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser. “For starters, men are bad. Fathers abandon women without cause. She’s also telling me that women are helpless.”

The dolls send the wrong message to children, argued Tanya Tull, president of Beyond Shelter. She said she was “afraid that they’re going to pick up the idea that it’s OK, that it’s an accepted segment of society that some children are homeless and some children are not.”

With comments like the above you can see when people just get OUTRAGED over stupid shit. This doll shows a reality in our society there are HOMELESS CHILDREN millions of them so I don’t see why someone wouldn’t want to let their kids be aware of that reality.G1565_main_2They also fail to mention that this Gwen doll has won the 2009 Parents Choice Approved Award also Gwen has a Friend named Chrissa who goes on little adventures with her.

I think it’s really a sweet idea behind these dolls and their stories. These would make great Christmas, Birthday or whatever gifts for any little girl. People just need to slow down and look for the good in things rather complain about the LITTLE shit


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