Here is some updates and speculation surrounding the death of Kandi’s Ex A.J. Jewell


First off it wasn’t bout money. Aj was jumped by “Cornbread” the husband off BODY TAPS owner (Veronica) Cornbread had a partner with him who participated. Veronica is the one who drove AJ to the hospital instead of calling the ambulance. We believe AJ was killed at the BODY TAP during the fight and Veronica is covering it up in order to protect her husband. AJ was in the process of buying the club from them, Cornbread was jealous of AJ and Veronica being cool. Cornbread hit AJ in the head with a bottle which contributed to his death. Why would Veronica take AJ to the hospital instead of her husband who was bleeding everywhere????? Cause they made up the story that he was alive on the way there.”

Jacked from TMZ Comment section

An unnamed source close to the investigation has revealed exclusively to Hip Hop Enquirer Magazine on the condition of secrecy that what was believed to be voluntary manslaughter may have been deliberate and premeditated murder in the death of Ashley “AJ” Jewell. Our source stated that a short time after midnight Ashley “AJ” Jewell was approached by several men in the club’s parking lot who were supposedly friends of “Cornbread” husband to former Body Tap owner Veronica M. Jones. Our source stated that Ms. Jones and Ashley Jewell were in an ongoing dispute over how he acquired the club from her and apparently she was not happy with the terms of that acquisition. We were told that Mr. Jewell purchased the club for a million dollars and the deal was supposed to have been completed last week but that there were issues as to the terms of the agreement.
Our source stated that Ms. Jones’s husband Cornbread and his “goons” ambushed Mr. Jewell in the parking lot upon his arrival and allegedly Fredrick Richardson delivered the fatal blow.

via thegossipjacker

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