JAckson JiVe

The Australian show Hey Hey It’s Saturday Night had the very popular “Red Faces” perform in BLACK FACE as the group THE JACKSON JIVE. Harry Connick Jr. was a judge and when he saw this bullshit he had to let the Aussie’s know how we get Down in the States…. Thanks Harry, Like they didn’t Fuckin Know..smh

Connick Says: 

, “I just wanted to say on behalf of my country, I know it was done humorously, but we’ve spent so much time trying to not make black people look like buffoons, that when we see something like that, we take it really to heart. I know it was in good fun, and the last thing I want to do is take this show to a down level—because you know how much I love this show and this country—but I feel like I’m at home here, and if I knew that was going to be part of the show, I probably—I definitely wouldn’t have done it.”

How I Feel about Red Faces and the Disrespect


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