Slow News Day


Yeah its been kinda slow round these parts but I always have SOMETHING for Ya’ll!!!

La La Got  A new Do



I like it But she STILL looks like a swollen Fish in the Face

“Hair” has offended Black W0men

I choose not to see it because I think the issue is old and stupid. I don’t find it funny to laugh at the pains that black women go through to conform to the european image to be accepted. Rock its no secret we wear weave and we relax or hair ( thank you Madam C.J. Walker) Rock says it’s education and Eye opening but nobody cares about how hair looks more than MEN. Ya’ll the ones that want something to run your hands through, Now you got it and its a problem…smh

Just know ladies ALL women wear weaves

Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves


Paris Hilton


Britney Spears


So there you have it and the list Goes on… But nobody put more energy into stupid shit like Black People….Stop!


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