You Know What


Mike Tyson Punch Out was the Shit!!!


I think I want to see this Mike Tyson documentary myself. Oprah has a way of dumbing things down for her white audience.  She act like she just found some nutting ass nigga from another planet. NewsFlash Oprah He is Human!!!!!Mike Tyson handled himself very well with Oprah’s probing Questions. People have made fun of him for years but I had no idea how sensative and thoughtful he is. He accepted the things that he did and never blamed anyone for his faults. I didn’t like how Oprah was trying to make Mike out to be a monster cuz her “socked” Robin Givins, he let Oprah know that it takes two and he was hit and hurt also.

Watch for Yourself

Tyson you are a Champion and Nothing but blessings…

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